2018/2019 Academic Options

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Preferred Options

CrossRoads Flex

CrossRoads Flex is a great option for students in Wake County. It is a Wake County public school which utilizes North Carolina Virtual Public School courses. Students spend a certain number of hours in the classroom each week, but the majority of the coursework is completed remotely.

***Parents will need to apply to CrossRoads Flex using this transfer request form before 12/1/17 for the 2018/19 school year.

CrossRoads Flex Website

NC Connections Academy

Connections Academy is an online, public charter school that offers free, high quality education to students across North Carolina. They offer a wide variety of courses, including Honors and AP, and all courses are approved by the NCAA for initial eligibility purposes.

There is an enrollment cap for Connections, so it is not guaranteed that your son will be admitted. There is currently a waitlist in place for students hoping to attend for the 2017/18 school year. If you have not already applied, please do so here.

NC Connections Academy Website:

Secondary Option

Homeschool / NCVPS

North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) provides high quality, teacher-led, online courses to students across North Carolina. In order to utilize this platform for core courses, students must be registered as a homeschooler in the state of NC. All of their courses, which include standard, Honors, AP, and electives, are approved by the NCAA for initial eligibility purposes.

First, you’ll need to notify the state of your intent to open a home school. Learn how to do that at this page. Once you have registered a homeschool with the state, you’ll be able to register your son for NCVPS courses as a homeschooler. Please see the section on this page titled “Registering Home School or Private School Students” for more information about registering for courses.

NCVPS Website: