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What do you get with a PRO5 Video Membership?


Training Videos by PRO5 Staff

Learn how to reach your full potential, or how to coach others to reach theirs by viewing professional instructional videos that include each major facet of the game. New videos will be added every month.

Instruction by MLB Players and Coaches

See what helped some of our PRO5 guest instructors like 2004 World Series Champion Trot Nixon, Oakland A’s Bullpen Pitching Coach Scott Emerson, and more have success at the highest level.

“Ask a Pro” Video Segments

Submit your questions to PRO5 for a chance to have it answered on video by a professional player or coach.

Becoming an Elite Pitcher with Paul Byrd

Hitting – Contact Points – Stay on the Baseball

Outfielding with Trot Nixon – Fielding the Baseball with Advancing Runners