Why choose the PRO5 Baseball Academy?

PRO5 is not for everyone. Our goal is to provide an elite, all-inclusive, year round baseball development program that will help prepare each player to have success at the next level whether in college or professional baseball. Our professional staff will provide a mentoring environment to help guide and direct players in their careers. From Fall through each Spring we hold high level practices that include early work for individual player development, team fundamentals, and detailed instruction that will help each player walk into a college or professional environment feeling prepared.

How many games do the PRO5 players play each year?

Our schedule features 50-60 games annually during the Spring and Fall seasons.

Who do you play?
Our aim is to create a competitive schedule that gives our players the opportunity to fail and be challenged in order to develop and improve. Our schedule features games against JUCO teams and other nationally renown baseball academies in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and more.
Can we still play Showcase?
Yes, we only practice during the week in the summer to allow players to play for their showcase teams.
What is the cost?

The cost of the academy is $19,900 per year. The cost includes hotels and accommodation, player transportation, all game/tournament fees, Stadium and indoor facility rentals, DiamondFit Performance strength and speed, Pro scout days, equipment, and more. We also have an optional trip to the Domincan Republic that is an addtional cost (Fundraising Options are available)

Is PRO5 Baseball Academy a school?

No, however, we offer academic guidance and support. Players can choose from many academic options such as Crossroads Flex (Wake County Public School), Home School Curriculums, NC Virtual Public School, Connections Academy, or remain at their current high school while requesting an online or a flexible course structure. Each player is different and we help guide in the option that best fits that individual.